About Me

My name is Grant. Although I have a degree in the arts, I spend most of my time working with motorcycles - which is my other passion. Like a lot of creatives, I spread myself far too thin in a wide range of areas that I'm interested in - resulting in very little progress made with any of them lol.

You can check out some youtube videos I've made, or scope out my motorcycle inspired clothing here!


I graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2011 with a 2.1 in Graphic Arts: Illustration.

I won a D&AD 'In Book' Award in 2010 for a poster design I made for the brief 'Resistance'

I ride an MT-07 called Dennis that I bought from new, and still have 6 years later!

I like long walks on the beach, watching Black Books, Darkplace and IT Crowd for the 7,000th time and being incredibly sarcastic.

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