The Bikenoob

Ever since seeing a 50cc honda dirtbike in my parents garage as a small child, I was intrigued by bikes. I have been stoked on riding motorcycles since I first straddled a Zontes on my CBT. I wanted to chart my experiences through youtube - I enjoy sharing my knowledge and giving insight into products I have used whilst riding regularly. Buying motorcycle gear can be an absolute minefield, so I am to offer an impartial opinion on the stuff I have tried for myself.


I made a review of the Worx Hydroshot (below) - but use it for cleaning bikes, not jeeps.

What's this all about?

Great question! The bikenoob channel is my poor attempt at creating video content around one of my big passions - motorcycles. I'm a one man band on this - hence there tend to be huge gaps between releases, as it does take a while to test something out to the point I feel confident to give my opinion on it - and then script, shoot and edit all this junk alongside having a full time job!

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